Specialist Therapy for Fear Phobias & Anxieties

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Hythe, Hampshire

Specialist Anxiety Therapist UK

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Unhelpful Thoughts

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Unhelpful Thinking Habits

Avoidance Exercise

CBT is a form of therapy and self-help therapy that gives you the tools to make changes in how you feel, and is proven to be especially successful in it’s approach with anxiety and depression. This book breaks down what is CBT and how to use it. It looks at specific anxieties and phobias, and although it doesn’t have all the answers, it’s a really place to start for gaining knowledge on how to reduce your anxiety.

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Not everyone finds CBT helpful, or some find it hard to put it into practice, but I think this book is a useful addition to a bookcase of some who experiences anxiety or phobias.

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Useful Books

Mindful Breathing

OCD is a form of anxiety which can extreme for some people. The behaviours are often driven by the anxiety to make it feel safe. Check the door again and I’ll feels safe. Wash your hands and I’ll feel safe. After the instructions are followed it feels calmer, but then the anxiety increases until the instructions are followed the next This is a fully comprehensive book on OCD and how to stop it.

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5/5  Most people with OCD will find this helpful.

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