Specialist Therapy for Fear Phobias & Anxieties

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Hythe, Hampshire

Specialist Anxiety Therapist UK

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Tom Buckland Psychotherapy Services

Alresford, Hampshire

Face to Face Therapy can be at my Hythe Hampshire clinic, or on a Wednesday, at Alresford Hampshire. This is the traditional way to carry out therapy. We can work together in the room and look at how to change through techniques carried out in the room, sand further tasks you can do in your own time.

The fee for this is £60 and the session is for about 50 mins.

Skype Therapy allows us to see each other even though distance or circumstances stops us being able to meet in a room. We can talk through your anxiety, and I can email worksheets as a reminder of some of what we have discussed.

The fee for this is £60 and the session is for about 50 mins.

Telephone Therapy can be a way of working for someone who feels too anxious to carry out any Face to Face work. It allows us time to talk from behind the ‘safety’  of your phone. Although not quite as effective as it is when we can see each other, this is still a good way to work. I can email worksheets etc to back up the things we discuss in the session

The fee for this is £60 and the session is for about 50 mins.

There are various packages for on-line therapy. Below are some options and the fee, but you can decide what you would like, and I can give you a fee for that option.

1 Skype session and 5 email contacts the fee is £80

10 email contacts, the fee is £40

5 email ‘s the fee is £20.00

All the above can be mixed and matched. For details on how this works, please email at info@tombuckland.co.uk

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