Specialist Therapy for Fear Phobias & Anxieties

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Hythe, Hampshire

Specialist Anxiety Therapist UK

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Tom Buckland Psychotherapy Services

Alresford, Hampshire

Hi Tom, I hope you’re well.

…I said I’d let you know. Well despite my doubts, I managed to fly OK. I felt a little anxious, but once we took off those feelings did disappear!

….thanks again…

March 2018

Hello Tom,

Hope all is well, I just wanted to thank you as both my flights too and from Spain went perfectly, no worries and even managed to doze off a little, which I have never been able to do before !!! I am now planing to go Mexico next year which I have always wanted to do but I was put off by the 10 hour flight. Yet again thank you.

Kindest Regards

July 2015

Hi Tom,

Thank you so much for our session on Friday!

I went down to the seafront on Saturday morning and walked right along, through the seagulls. I’ve never been able to walk along there before because of my phobia and the relief and excitement that I felt was indescribable.

On Sunday I went to **** Pond and fed the ducks and swans for the first time in my life. It was such an amazing experience for me that I cried with happiness!

I’m off to London tomorrow, so I can test out my lack of fear even more, but just wanted to take this opportunity to say thank you. The therapy has changed my life, I just wish I had come to see you sooner!

This was an e mail received from a female client after 1 session of Rewind Therapy. She had been experiencing a very intense Phobia of Birds since she was 4 years old.

Nov 2014

Hi Tom,

I wanted to get in touch with you to let you know how iv been getting on since its been around two months since my last appointment with you. I think in one of my first emails to you I talked about how the panic consumed me in almost everything, nothing was enjoyable, my social life was non-existent! I couldn't eat, drink, be anywhere too hot or to busy, I didn’t even get my hair cut for two years in case I had a panic before it was finished!! I hated going to places I didn’t know, I needed exit routes planned wherever I went. Life felt very hard and stressful not only for me but for my husband and family too.

I can't even put into words how everything you have done for me has completely changed my life. I've not experienced a single panic since our first session, the anticipation and initial feeling of being to hot literally last seconds now and then completely disappears.

I have been out for countless meals, gone away for two weekends, been to the Olympics, been on a busy and hot underground train in London, had a few to many cosmopolitan cocktails, had my haircut, caught up with friends iv not seen since school and went to a wedding with them all, someone else drove and so I had nowhere to escape too and had countless meetings that at one time would have sent me over the edge!!! I can truthfully say I have not once checked for my exit routes or looked for the ladies toilets as soon as I arrive. I also chucked out my hand fan that I have religiously carried with me everywhere I go for years! I am no longer that girl!

All I can say is I wish id seen you years ago and thank you so much!!

This 29 yr old female client had suffered with general anxieties for 13 yrs since she was 16. It affected every aspect of her life. She had counselling many years previous but her anxieties had never abated.

After an assessment, a session of the Rewind Technique was carried out. A second session was booked as there were so many anxieties it was felt it might be needed. When she came for this session her life had already changed so much that that session was used for future pacing using some hypnosis. A third session was already pre-booked and used for further support, but it was the initial first session of the rewind that totally removed the template she had for feeling anxious.

This e mail was received some months later.   July 2012

'I did it!!! I drove home to ******* all the way on the motorway!!! Yippee!!!!

Am chuffed to bits! Thank you!

This e-mail arrived a few hours after a 40 minute rewind. This lady had experienced a driving phobia for some time and had been unable to drive on a motorway for 9 months. After the session she drove from the New Forest up the M27 and M3 back to *********

Dear Tom

May I first apologise for my delay in writing this letter, but since I’m enjoying my life so much more, I have it difficult to find the time!

I wanted to personally thank you for all the time and patience ion helping me deal with my problems. While I sometimes found the sessions difficult,. I began to enjoy them and knew that i was benefiting from our time together.....

.....I’m now living my life with confidence and happy to be me and for the first time feel in control of my life.

May 2006

Hi Tom

Just a quick mail to say a big thank you. I came to see you some time ago as I had been experiencing social anxieties attacks which were causing me problems both socially but also in my professional career.

I’m glad to say that since seeing you I haven’t had one attack and my life is now back. I’m now living life to the full enjoying going out with my wife and our friends as well as enjoying my public appearances with my work.

Thanks so much Tom for helping me, I’ve passed your name on a few times to my own clients and only today gave your number out which prompted me to send you this.

May 2007

Dear Tom

Hope all is well.

Thought I’d just drop you a short note following our session back in March.

Since seeing you I’ve gradually been building up on my dual carriageway and motorway driving. Dual carriageways are absolutely no problem now  (even look forward to driving on them!) and although I feel a little cautious on the motorway, I’m quite happy to use them and no longer go out of my way to avoid them (even drove on a seven lane highway in the US recently without a problem!)

Really do appreciate your help. It’s made such a difference with getting around and saving time compared with finding alternative A & B road routes! Enjoying m Subaru too finally!

July 2006

…I feel a little guilty as I dropped out of therapy, but I have to say 6 months later I’m feeling so much more positive and some of those coping strategies really work, so a belated thank for all your help…

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Tom is based in Hythe Hampshire, and also central London.

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